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The   Mysterious   Death   of

Alonzo   Brooks

IntroducingThe Mysterious Death of Alonzo Brooks
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The Mysterious Death of Alonzo Brooks

The Mysterious Death of Alonzo Brooks

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A Life Was Lost

A Life Was Lost

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The Story

In the spring of 2004, 23-year-old Alonzo Brooks and his closest friends jumped in their cars and headed out to a rural Kansas town to celebrate the weekend. A Saturday evening that began with the usual hedonistic abandon of everyday life ended in tragedy. 


Alonzo disappeared. For 28 days, a police investigation found nothing; no evidence, no leads, no clues. Alonzo’s body was eventually discovered just minutes away from the location of the party where he was last seen alive. 


Despite the rumors, theories and even suspects surrounding the mysterious death of Alonzo Brooks, questions about when, why and even how he died remain unanswered. 


Intrigued and disturbed by Alonzo’s story, filmmaker Josh Pratt has spent the last five years looking for the truth. Through investigative work and exclusive interviews with Alonzo’s closest friends and relatives, law enforcement, and even persons of interest, Josh has uncovered clues and unique insights into this compelling mystery that he hopes could lead to justice for Alonzo.

Josh and his team are working on a visual documentary series and accompanying podcast to share the information they have gathered and present new information as it arises.

We have created a forum for those interested in this story to connect and show support for Alonzo's family. 


If you would like to contact Josh and the team directly, please use the contact form below.


Anyone with information about the death of Alonzo Brooks is encouraged to call the FBI’s Kansas City office at (816) 512-8200, the Tips Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS, or submit a tip online at

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